Best 5 Online teaching methods

What is online teaching

What is online teaching?


Today online teaching is very common.The facility of
internet is a opportunity of all teachers to provide education in all
over the world no need to specific time or place.Online teaching revolutionized the total education system in all over the world online teaching banificiary for
both teachers and student.ONline teaching is possibe from latest tecnology and vast availabilty of internet.Online teaching change the totally education system
and no face any difficulty in education nowadays.We disscous about some points of benifits of online teaching.

The Benifity of online Teaching

1 online education is to comfort and easy from physically study

2. No need to specific time or place and no going to anywhere easily download lectures or watch online lectures study online

3. Online teaching provide the flexibility enivironment of student.Student get any subject lecture according to your need

4.Setup a on schedule and manage the time for all personal or proffesional needs or people and relitives student feel easy with online teaching teaching is also benificiary for parents and doing job peoples adust the free time and study online

The Disadvantages of online teaching

while online teacning is very benificiary nowadays but some dissadvantages of online teaching we disscuss here.

1. the lack intraction of student and teachers and student not discuss the problem properly and difficult to search actuall problem.
Student not exprience properly.
2.Online teaching is totally depend on internet when internet is break down or slow then student face problem in study
3.Student not work practically in online education and some particular activities of science expriements is not possible in onlinr teaching.
4.In home study many thing disturb the student like activities of home and piets and children disturb the student and not concerntrate properly on study


  1. Live video classes
  2. Recorded lectures
  3. Virtual white boards
  4. Online discussion forums
  5. Interactive learning platforms

ways of online teaching


in this ways we used video conferences tools for purpose of online teaching the way help out the teachers to interact with students in real-time.
teacher give lectures,disscus about the problems and all the things about the topic with help of video conferences.


teacher can record the lectures and provide to students from different plateforms like youtube,faceebook etc.
student get any lecture any time and study their topics.Online teaching is very helpful tool for all students.


virtual white boards help the teacher to draw images or notes for students and disscus the topic with the help of graphics
and disscus the topics with student.Students also intract with the other student in real-time and help the other student friends in online teaching


teacher create a online discusion forums where the students disscus the over problems and ask question and try to slove the problems .
online teaching is very help full for today students.


In online teaching internet provide the some interactive learning plateforms like quizzes,simulations,multimedia etc resources allow teachers for
engaging the students for study the experience of interactive learning.

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