Online earning

What is online earning:

`The source of income with the help of internet is called online earning.Nowadays many Free ways to online earning sitting in the room and earn money and
dollars. Now we start to study the best ways for online earning.

The 5 Best ways of online earning

  • ONLINE Teaching
  • Freelancing
  • Content writing
  • E-commerce
  • Create a youtube channel

Online Teaching:

Nowadays online teaching is a common and Best  way of online study is to easy with the help of internet.teacher provide lectures online and support online
student study any thing on one click and teacher also online earn money without any tenshion.Nowadays education become a digital wtih the help of virtual class rooms
projectors help graphical oberve all the things like working of heart,lungs,brain etc.Student easy to understand the study of anything with the help of graphically
study.Student study any time or any place no need to spicific time or place all things are possible with the help of online teaching and teachers
earn money to provide the lectures online.teachers and students both are comfortable with online teaching.

2. To become a Freelancer:

Today we live in a digital world and freelancing is a advanced and easy way for earning.Freelancing provide self-employement and freely working noadays freelancing
is fast and affecient way for youth.Freelacning is a source to show your skills all over the world and search clients and show your skills to the client and pick the
projects from clients and earn money online without and difficulty and no need to spicific place and time.No need to go your office and no taking orders fom others
freelancing is a good source for online earning Free of  COST

3.Content writing:

content writing is a way to earn money online to provide the skill of writing a content of clients and earn money from them.The other way to earn money online
from content writing is to create a website and wirte a content of your own website and try to optomized of your website from your content and approved you website
from google adsense and earn money online.

4. E-commerce:

E-commerce is another wayto earn money online to sell the products,services etc online.You also create a online sotre like daraz,ali baba,amazon etc.
you earn without any investment to use affiliate marketing pick the products links from other sites and sell to get money online.

5. Create a youtube

Create a youtube channel and earn money online from the youtube channel consist of different steps we disscuss here


Fist you decide the specific place or a topic of your content also create a that content which peolple intrested to watch and like the content
the reason of create a content is to atract the people to your channel and monotize the channel and earn money online.


Try to create high quality content spend the time to research of content that people show intrest in your content try to make the watch time more or more
focus on video quality and voice quality and used good aditor for added video. Try to make content perfect and informative to people


when your channel able to monotization so apply the youtube partner program(YPP).You need 1000 suscribers and 4000 watch time for able to monotization


the other source of online earn from youtube is Vloging share the experience of personal life visit the different places the share experience with people on
youtube by Vloging

click for guide line for create youtube channel and earn money online

click the link and get complete guideline about online earning from youtube and how to create a youtube channel

guideline about the how create content and viral this today to easy to earn online from youtube or other plateform

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